Committed to Safety

A Company Committed to Safety

We are incredibly proud to be recognized industry-wide as a leader in safety, and we take that responsibility very seriously as safety is embedded in our culture and in everything we do.

Responsible Care®

As the only verified Responsible Care® trucking company in Western Canada, we prioritize transportation safety through safe routes, means of containment and mode selection, stringent emergency response plans, and proactive communications with communities and first responders. Responsible Care® provides a clear set of guiding principles and codes of practice that Northwest is committed to following, including the areas of occupational and operational health and safety, environmental care, and security. We are strongly committed to ensuring and improving the safe transportation of customer products.

National Tank Truck Carriers Safety Award Winner

We are incredibly proud to be a National Tank Truck Carriers Safety Award winner. The award is given to tank truck carriers who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to safety. According to Daniel R. Furth, President of the National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc., carriers who win this award “must absolutely embrace a safety culture from the drivers’ room to the board room.”

Keeping Our Drivers (And Roads) Safe

We are proud to deliver ongoing Driver Safety and Driver Education courses for all our drivers and Owner Operators to ensure that they are well-equipped and ready to operate our trailers safely and responsibly. We have strict safety procedures and protocols in place to ensure that our trucks are in compliance with all safety regulations.

Safety Beyond the Workplace

Our commitment to safety extends beyond being on the road. Safety applies to our families, loved ones, and communities in which we live. Whether on the road or at home, we understand the importance of preventative action in order to save and improve lives. That’s why we have partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to help spread awareness, raise funds for world-class research, and improve the lives of all those affected by cancer.

At Northwest, safety is always our top priority and our commitment to safety guides us in every decision we make. As the industry leader, we are continuing to strive to improve our safety procedures, and ensure that all of us are leading by example. Safety is an integral part of the Northwest culture- it will always remain so, and we will continue to make the industry even safer for everyone. To learn more about our commitment to safety or to apply to drive with us, click here!

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