When You Haul with Northwest

you can rest assured that you’re teaming up with the best the industry has to offer.

As a leading tank trucking company, we are continually updating and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to ensure that our customer’s products are always hauled safely, responsibly and efficiently.

Modern and Reliable Trailers

Due to our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers, we strive to provide reliable solutions using only new, specialized equipment. Our fleet of tankers is one of the latest on the road, with our average year of trailers being 2016. Our impressive industry-leading fleet means that your product is being safely transported in reliable units.

Industry-Leading Plumbing

As a safety leader in the Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) transportation industry, we understand the importance of safe, yet efficient offloads. That’s why we’ve included industry-leading plumbing technology in our units to ensure that we provide the fastest and safest offloads possible. Whatever product you are hauling, we can guarantee that we will provide quick, efficient and safe transportation.

Commitment to Safety

With over 160 NGL tanks, and over 50 molten sulphur and chemical trailers, we are committed to safely carrying any product you need to deliver. Our fleet of trucks can carry a heavy load of products, whether it’s NGL, molten sulphur, or chemicals.

Unmatched Quality

Our unwavering commitment to providing quality service in every delivery is reflected in every investment and update we make to our trucks and trailers. We prioritize quality which is why our line of equipment remains unrivaled in the industry.

When you haul with Northwest, you can trust that your product is hauled using leading technology and equipment. We’re committed to not only providing exceptional services, but we strive to exceed expectations and remain the leader in the tank truck industry in Canada.