Foggy Conditions & Limited Visibility Safety

Safety Bulletin: Foggy Conditions & Limited Visibility

Foggy conditions pose significant safety challenges for truck drivers on the road, greatly limiting visibility and increasing the risk of accidents. To ensure the well-being of drivers and others sharing the road, it is crucial to take proactive measures when encountering dense fog. Here are some essential preventative actions to consider:

  • Pause and Wait: If faced with thick fog, seriously contemplate stopping your truck and patiently waiting until visibility improves. Your safety and the safety of others should be the top priority.
  • Optimal Lighting: Use low beam lights and fog lights to enhance your visibility in foggy conditions. These lights are specifically designed to cut through fog and improve your chances of seeing the road ahead.
  • Reduce Speed and Maintain Safe Distance: Decrease your driving speed to a level that is appropriate for the reduced visibility. Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you to allow ample reaction time.
  • Defogging Strategies: Utilize your wipers, defrosters, and ventilation systems effectively to prevent your windows from fogging up, which can further hinder your ability to see the road.
  • Listen for Traffic: When deciding whether to proceed across the highway, roll down your window and carefully listen for any approaching traffic. Ensure it is safe before proceeding.
  • Prefer Right Turns: If possible, opt for right turns when navigating through foggy areas. Right turns are generally safer than left turns due to a shorter crossing distance.

Remember, prioritizing safety above all else is crucial. At Northwest, we fully support your decision to stay put until the fog clears, just as we stand by your choice to stop during extreme winter conditions. If required, triangles are available on your unit. Your safety is of paramount importance to us.

Stay vigilant, be cautious, and exercise sound judgment when facing foggy conditions on the road. By adhering to these preventative measures, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with limited visibility and ensure a safer journey for yourself and others.

Drive safe and stay aware!

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