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“Think of someone who has inspired you. Do they make you feel confident, smart, brave? Now, imagine your life without them. Where would you be today?” 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada envisions a world where everyone has that person. They are committed to enhancing the confidence, self-esteem and well-being of children through invaluable mentor relationships. Their programs include one-to-one mentoring, in-school mentoring and group mentorship. They understand the power of people supporting people and are committed to sharing that power with big and little brothers and sisters across Canada.  

At Northwest, we are strong supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. Many of our team members invest their time and their hearts mentoring youth through this incredible organization. Northwest’s CEO, Tom Blaney, has been a big brother since 1982. His little brother Doug was 11 years old when he met him, and 37 years later, their relationship is still an important part of both of their lives. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ core values align with our own here at Northwest and are worth repeating.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Core Values 

We Champion Potential 

 Big Brother Big Sisters believes that every person has limitless potential and individual strengths. They champion this potential through their work — in mentors and mentees alike. 

Every Connection Counts 

Every connection counts, no matter how short or long or through what medium it occurs. The organization seeks to build connections between people everywhere.  

Showing Up Matters 

The most important thing we can do for each other is show up. By showing up, big brothers and sisters show their little brothers and sisters their worth.  

“Children are the future, they just need that one person to support them.”  

These inspirational words from Markicia, a youth and mentor representative for Big Brothers Big Sisters, sum up the importance of the organization’s work in a sentence. With family being at the heart of everything we do at Northwest, we are proud to support an organization that aims to provide every youth with a big brother or sister.  

To find out what you can do to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, click here. 

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