The Northwest Philosophy of Care

The Northwest Philosophy of Care

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of treating our Drivers and Owner Operators like family. We believe that our success is directly tied to the happiness and well-being of our team members, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that you feel valued and supported. From providing comprehensive benefits packages to fostering a positive workplace culture, we are committed to creating an environment where our employees can thrive both personally and professionally. In this article, we will dive deep into the Northwest philosophy of care and explore how our family-owned roots shape the way we approach employee well-being

Foundations of Northwest’s Philosophy

At Northwest, our philosophy of care is deeply rooted in our family-owned heritage. We believe that every team member is an important part of our family, and we strive to provide you personalized engagement. Our story begins in 1955 when our founder, Bill Blaney, turned his passion for safety, reliability, and customer service into a legacy that has stood the test of time. Since then, Northwest has upheld the spirit of community, family, and an unbroken promise to deliver nothing short of excellence on the roads of western Canada. 

Safety First

Safety is important to us at Northwest. Honoured with the National Tank Truck Carriers Safety Award and as the only verified Responsible Care® trucking company in Western Canada, our commitment to safety empowers our team to uphold the highest standards, ensuring everyone gets home to their families without compromise.

Family Values

In the Northwest family, we don’t just view our team members as employees; we consider them integral members of a larger family. This family-oriented philosophy shapes our genuine care for each team member, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. It’s more than words; it’s a commitment to each individual’s success within the Northwest family.


Doing the right thing for our customers, employees, and partners is an instinct. This commitment is reflected in every relationship, every decision, and every action at Northwest. It’s what forges trust, nurtures long-term partnerships, and elevates our service beyond expectations.

Embracing Change and Innovation

Change is constant, and at Northwest, our readiness is unwavering. We adapt and innovate, leading in technology and service. Our investments in cutting-edge technology and equipment show our commitment to serve with excellence. We are responsive to the evolving needs of our customers and our team.

Customized Service Excellence 

Our approach to customer service is deeply personalized, tailoring our offerings to meet the unique needs of each customer from the first interaction to the last invoice. This commitment to customization reflects our dedication to excellence, ensuring that both our customers and team members receive support and care that’s specifically suited to them. It’s a testament to the Northwest Way, which emphasizes precision, reliability, and genuine attention to every individual’s requirements.

In the Northwest family, Drivers and Owner Operators contribute to our legacy. As we continue our journey, the philosophy of care derived from our family-owned roots remains the driving force. It’s a philosophy that goes beyond industry standards, emphasizing the well-being, safety, and success of every team member. Join us on the road ahead, and become a member of the Northwest family.

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