Canadian Cancer Society and Northwest'

Northwest Partners with the Canadian Cancer Society

At Northwest, we are all about supporting the communities in which we live and work. One of the ways we do this is through partnerships with philanthropic organizations and initiatives. This year marked the beginning of one such partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society. 

We are incredibly grateful to be able to offer our support to the society, as the treatment and prevention of cancer is a cause near and dear to the Northwest heart. We have a personal and profound understanding of how devastating a disease cancer can be, as so many of our extended family here at Northwest have been touched by it.

With this partnership, our goal is to help spread awareness for the fight against cancer. We are accomplishing this goal by wrapping our trucks in Western Canada with a message:

“Northwest Tank Lines works every day to keep our DRIVERS SAFE.

Now it’s your turn. GET SCREENED. It could save your life.”

With the bold display of this message on our tankers, we hope to spread awareness for the cause, but we also hope to reinforce the fact that preventative action saves lives. With road safety, as with breast cancer, taking preventative action can make all the difference, which is why we have focused our efforts on this message in particular. 

The statistics surrounding cancer are heartbreaking, but research has come a long way in the past 70 years. In 1940, the overall cancer survival rate was around 25%, and today, that rate is 60%. This amazing progress is a result of the dedication and hard-work of cancer researchers, activists, doctors, and everyone who ever took the time to participate in the cause. 

At Northwest, we believe in working towards a future where cancer is a treatable illness for everyone, and that future starts with both increased awareness and funding. With this campaign, we hope to help the Canadian Cancer Society take another step towards that future, and to do so, we need your support. 

Spread the word. Share this article. If you have the means, donate to the cause. Any action, no matter how small or large, is a positive action. 

For more information on our partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society and what you can do to help, visit our campaign page here.

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