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Benefits of Being an Owner Operator at Northwest

Embarking on the journey of becoming an Owner Operator is a significant step towards a thriving business partnership. At Northwest, we recognize the entrepreneurial spirit within individuals who aspire to own and operate their own trucks. We believe in fostering a smart partnership that goes beyond the conventional employer-employee relationship, offering a range of Driver and Owner Operator benefits that set you up for success. Here’s why becoming an Owner Operator at Northwest is a smart and rewarding partnership.

Northwest’s Approach to Empowering Owner-Operators

Ownership with Support

Becoming an Owner Operator at Northwest means becoming the master of your own destiny. We provide the platform for you to exercise your operational independence while offering a robust support system to ensure your success. When you become an Owner Operator for Northwest, we offer you the tools you need to be successful. We provide you education and support to help you manage your team and grow your business. 

Comprehensive Benefits

Your well-being extends beyond the road, and our benefits package reflects this understanding. Northwest provides a comprehensive suite of benefits that elevates your overall quality of life. From health benefits- including 100% dental coverage, life insurance, prescription drug coverage, disability, and more. 

Financial Prosperity

Our commitment to the financial prosperity of our Owner Operators is unwavering. We offer transparent compensation structures, ensuring that your earnings reflect your dedication and expertise. We provide safety-based bonuses to further enhance your earnings, recognizing and rewarding your commitment to excellence. You also have the opportunity to participate in an RRSP matching program.

Industry-Leading Safety

Safety is paramount at Northwest, and this commitment extends to our Owner Operators. As a recognized industry leader in safety, we provide comprehensive training and certifications to uphold the highest safety standards. Your safety and the safety of others on the road are non-negotiable aspects of our partnership. When your Drivers drive safely, we’ll reward you with up to $3,000 a year for every truck in your fleet! 

Business Advancement

Stay ahead in the industry with access to cutting-edge technology and equipment. We invest in innovation to ensure operational efficiency and competitiveness. Leverage our network and resources for business development, expanding your clientele and unlocking new opportunities. Your success is connected to our commitment to being at the forefront of industry advancements.

Seamless Recruitment 

We understand that your focus should be on the road, not on the hassles of job postings and applicant screenings. That’s why, with Northwest, you can leave the recruitment process to the experts. We utilize our professional recruiting resources to find the best candidates for your team. From posting jobs to meticulous applicant screening, we’ve got it covered. 

Community and Connection

Becoming an Owner Operator at Northwest means joining a community where you’re an integral part of the Northwest family. Experience a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters connections with fellow Owner Operators and the entire Northwest team. Your journey is a shared experience within a community that values your contributions and celebrates your successes.

Becoming an Owner Operator at Northwest is not just a career move; it’s a smart partnership that prioritizes your success, growth, and well-being. With financial incentives, comprehensive support, and a community that feels like family, there are many benefits of being an Owner Operator. Northwest provides the perfect platform for you to navigate the highways of opportunity. Join us and experience the Northwest difference.

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