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Owner Operator Safety at Northwest Tank Lines

At Northwest Tank Lines, our story is one rooted in safety, innovation, and family. From our humble beginnings in 1955, driven by Bill Blaney’s vision and commitment to dependable, safe, and customer-centric service, to the thriving company we are today, our core values remain unchanged. We believe that our Owner Operators are the heart of our operations and deserve an unwavering commitment to safety, support, and growth.

Our Journey:

1955: The seeds of Northwest Tank Lines were sown. Armed with lessons learned about safety, dependability, and customer service, Bill Blaney began driving trucks in Northern Ontario.

1972: Bill, with a vision of creating an elite transportation company, founded what would later become a leading name in the industry. By 1990, then known as International Chemical Express, the company had already set benchmarks for the safe transportation of dangerous goods.

1991: Embodying the essence of a family business, Bill passed the leadership baton to his son, Tom Blaney. Tom, who holds the CEO position today, took forward his father’s legacy with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

1996: With the acquisition of a natural gas liquid tank truck business, the company rebranded to what we now know as Northwest Tank Lines.

2018: Tom Blaney expanded the definition of “family business”, embracing not only the Blaney lineage but also the larger Northwest Tank Lines family – our invaluable team members and their families.

Today: Northwest Tank Lines isn’t just a transportation company. It’s a testament to six decades of commitment to safety, sustainability, and community welfare.

Northwest’s Unwavering Support to Owner Operators:

Owner Operators are entrepreneurs in their own right. Taking on the dual responsibility of business management and safe transportation. At Northwest, we understand and appreciate the unique challenges they face and offer unmatched support:

  • Comprehensive Safety Training: Every Owner Operator at Northwest undergoes rigorous training, which covers a vast spectrum from defensive driving techniques to the safe transportation of dangerous goods. This not only ensures their safety but also boosts their confidence on the road.
  • Safety Bulletins: We regularly update our online safety bulletins, offering Owner Operators timely advice on weather conditions, road checks, preventive measures, and more, ensuring they’re always prepared.
  • Essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): High-quality PPE is crucial. We ensure all our Owner Operators have access to the best protective gear, ensuring safety and comfort during their operations.
  • Strong Safety Culture: Northwest’s values and prioritizes safety above all. Our Owner Operators are constantly immersed in an environment that champions their well-being and security.
  • Medical Coverage/Benefits Plan: Our commitment to the Owner Operators extends beyond work. We provide a comprehensive health benefits package encompassing disability, medications, vision, dental, life insurance, and more.
  • Technological Advancements: From satellite tracking for seamless communication between dispatch and Owner Operators to electronic logs that capture real-time data and advanced driver assistance systems, we’re always investing in technology that augments safety and efficiency.
  • Safety Bonuses: Recognizing the dedication of our Owner Operators, we offer quarterly safety bonuses, rewarding those with updated safety credentials and an impeccable record.

Join the Legacy:

Northwest Tank Lines stands tall as a symbol of trust, safety, and commitment. As an Owner Operator with us, you aren’t just another number. You are a vital part of a legacy that spans over six decades, a legacy of commitment to safety, support, and growth.

If the open road calls out to you and you’re an Owner Operator looking for a company that truly values your contribution, believes in safe practices, and provides an environment of growth and support, Northwest Tank Lines welcomes you. Connect with us and let’s drive towards a safer, brighter future together.

Discover the Opportunities Awaiting You at Northwest Tank Lines.

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