Becoming a Tank Truck Driver

Navigating the Road to Becoming a Tank Truck Driver

The trucking industry is vital to the Canadian economy, as the truck drivers deliver goods we rely on. There are plenty of job openings for those with the right experience, especially for tank truck drivers.  

Joining the Ranks at Northwest Tank Lines: More Than Just Driving

At Northwest Tank Lines, our tank truck drivers are the lifeblood of our operations, integral to the pulse of the industry and community we serve. They are not merely operators of vehicles; they are skilled professionals who embody our core values of safety, integrity, and dedication. As a Northwest tank truck driver, you are entrusted with transporting dangerous goods, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, and being a steward of the road while carrying loads that fuel our economy and daily lives. Our drivers are recognized and respected for their expertise, receiving unparalleled support and benefits, ensuring they can focus on what’s important — excellence in their role and balance in their lives.

The Pivotal Role of Tank Truck Drivers in our Industry

Tank truck drivers are responsible for safely transporting liquids, gases, and hazardous materials. Their duties include:

  • Operating tank trucks within safety regulations
  • Conducting pre and post-loading inspections
  • Performing routine truck maintenance
  • Planning efficient routes considering traffic and weather
  • Loading and unloading procedures
  • Staying updated on government regulations for hazardous materials transport
  • Maintaining detailed records of transported materials
  • Delivering various materials
  • Use Proper PPE
  • Operating equipment like electronic logbooks
  • Hooking and unhooking hoses
  • Communicating with dispatchers, drivers, safety departments, and customers
  • Completing paperwork such as bills of lading

To work as a tank driver at Northwest, the following requirements are necessary:

  • A Class 1 license
  • Standard First Aid  and H2S Alive tickets 
  • Bulk fluids hauling experience (3 years)
  • Super B experience (1 year)

Here are the steps to acquiring and becoming a Class 1 Truck Driver:

Acquiring a Class 1 Truck Driver’s License

  • Acquire a Class 5 or 6 License: Before applying for a Class 1 license, you must already hold a valid Class 5 or 6 driver’s license.
  • Enroll in an Entry-Level Training Course: Participate in the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) Program at an approved driver training school. This comprehensive program typically involves around 150 hours of training, encompassing brake training, practical in-yard training, and theoretical learning on commercial vehicle safety.
  • Complete a Medical Examination: Undergo a medical examination to ensure you meet the health standards required for commercial drivers.
  • Pass the Class 1 License Test: Successfully complete the tests for obtaining a Class 1 license, which may include written, practical, and road tests as governed by the motor vehicles branch.

Finding Employment at Northwest

  • Prepare a Resume: Create a professional resume that highlights your qualifications, endorsements, certifications, driving experience, and references.
  • Search for Job Opportunities: Look for available positions on online job boards, industry-specific websites, and through recruitment agencies specializing in truck driving roles.
  • Apply for Jobs: Submit applications to positions that align with your qualifications, experience, and interests.
  • Attend Interviews: Prepare for interviews with potential employers, discussing your driving experience, safety knowledge, and availability.
  • Evaluate Job Offers: Carefully consider the terms, conditions, and benefits of job offers before accepting a position.

Alberta and British Columbia offer picturesque landscapes, great highways, diverse job opportunities, a high standard of living, and competitive wages. Whether you prefer city life or a tranquil rural area, working in British Columbia and Alberta for Northwest have something for everyone.

Interested in joining Northwest Tank Lines as a Driver or Owner Operator?

Suppose you’re considering a rewarding career as a tank truck driver and are set on joining the Northwest Tank Lines family. In that case, there are specific qualifications we’re looking for to ensure safety and expertise on the road. To become a valued team member, you should meet the following criteria:

5 Years of Class 1 Driving Experience: We value experience and expertise at Northwest Tank Lines. To be eligible for a position with us, you should have at least 5 years of Class 1 driving experience or equivalent. This experience helps ensure that you’re well-acquainted with the demands of the road and equipped to handle the responsibilities of a tank truck driver.

3 Years of Bulk Fluid Hauling Experience: Transporting liquids and hazardous materials requires precision and know-how. We require our drivers to have at least 3 years of experience in bulk fluid hauling. This experience ensures that you’re well-versed in handling various liquids and gases, prioritizing safety at all times.

1 Year of Super B Experience: Super B trailers are specialized and demand a unique skill set. To work directly with Northwest Tank Lines, you should have at least 1 year of Super B hauling experience. This experience prepares you for the complexities of transporting larger quantities and various types of cargo.

If you meet these qualifications and are ready to embark on a rewarding journey with Northwest Tank Lines as a tank truck driver, we encourage you to take the next step. Join our team and experience the advantages of working with a company that values safety, reliability, and its people.

Ready to Take the Wheel? Apply Now

We look forward to welcoming dedicated and skilled drivers to our team. Join us at Northwest Tank Lines, where safety, reliability, and family values drive us forward. Your journey starts here!

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