Safety Bulletin: Valves

Safety Bulletin: Valves

Numerous factors can interfere with our ability to stay focused, on task, and to our taking the extra minute or two to make sure we are completing all the necessary procedures during our day. We often become forgetful when we’re in auto-pilot and the mind is guiding our actions for us.

Staying mindful and engaged is needed to give all critical tasks the time and attention necessary to prevent product loss, equipment damage and danger to ourselves and others.

Here are some suggestions to help you remember to check valves and other tasks before leaving a plant:

  1. Make yourself a sign and put it on your driver seat when you get out of the truck.
  2. Put sticky notes on valves and remove them when closed.
  3. Have a To-Do List with your paperwork and make sure you read it with every load.
  4. Put another kind of physical reminder on your steering wheel or other spot that you will need to remove to get going again, maybe some kind of personal item. 
    • Irregularity in our patterns works as a trigger. Something not where it should be, by association, triggers the reminder.

Ultimately, it is up to you, the driver, to make sure that you are not skipping steps or leaving items undone at facilities. We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for  everyone.

Your vigilance and commitment to performing your jobs correctly ensures everyone’s safety.

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