Training Benefits of Working With Northwest Tanklines

Training Benefits of Working With Northwest Tank lines

Northwest Tank Lines is a proud leader in the industry, especially when it comes to extensive training and the importance of safety. With decades of experience and industry knowledge, we have developed a comprehensive training program with unrivaled benefits that provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed!

Extensive Onboarding Safety Training 

With a long history of providing reliable and efficient transportation services, Northwest has built a reputation as an industry leader in safety. Our commitment to safety is evident in the various training programs and initiatives that are offered to our drivers. We believe it is essential that tank truck drivers receive onboarding training for various safety protocols including defensive driving courses, TDG, WHMIS, Standard First Aid, H2S Alive, as well as information on distracted driving, product handling, fatigue management and proper use of HOS, to name a few.

The defensive driving courses help drivers to anticipate and avoid hazards on the road, while the WHMIS training provides drivers with knowledge of the specific risks associated with the chemicals they are transporting. All of our customers require valid Standard First Aid and H2S Alive tickets, which provides awareness to potential hazardous dangers and equips you in what to do in the event of a medical emergency. These extensive training programs and courses provide drivers with knowledge of hazardous materials, emergency response plans, and proper handling techniques, among many other benefits, ensuring the safety of both the driver, the public, and the protection of the environment.

PPE for Emergency Procedures

We understand that PPE is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of our drivers. We believe that investing in PPE is imperative, and we are proud to prioritize the well-being of our workers in everything we do. We provide all necessary high-quality PPE to ensure that drivers are properly equipped and prepared to do their jobs safely.

Fostering a Strong Safety Culture

We believe that safety is not just a priority, but a core value at Northwest that guides our operations. That’s why we’ve fostered a safety culture that is reflected in our comprehensive training programs, policies, and procedures. By instilling a strong safety culture, we are fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes the well-being of our drivers.We care about your safety so you can get home to those who matter most.

At Northwest, we are committed to providing all employees with the best possible training, resources, and culture. We understand that investing in our drivers’ training and development is key to our continued success as the industry leader in safety. If you want to work for a company that cares, then apply to join our team today and experience the benefits of working with Northwest Tank Lines firsthand!

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