What Is Responsible Care®

What Is Responsible Care®?

Safety has always been one of the most important values for us at Northwest Tank Lines. We are committed to ensuring that all of our drivers who are on the job are well protected and also provide them with the resources they need to stay safe. That is why we are a part of a program called Responsible Care®. This program was launched by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada back in the 1980s and provides a clear set of guiding principles and codes of practice that its members must follow to ensure the safe handling of chemicals. Here is everything you need to know about Responsible Care®.


For more than 30 years, Canada’s chemistry sector has led the journey towards safe, responsible, and sustainable chemical manufacturing through its U.N.-recognized sustainability initiative, Responsible Care®. Founded in Canada in 1985, Responsible Care® is now practiced in 73 countries and by 96 of the 100 largest chemical producers in the world. Since 2008, Northwest Tank Lines has proudly been a Responsible Care® partner.

Ethic and Principles for Success

Every Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) member company commits to the Responsible Care® Ethic and Principles for Sustainability and the Responsible Care® Codes, covering all aspects of the company’s business and product lifecycle. This leads to safer and more sustainable products and processes – improving the environmental and safety performance of their members.

Partners in Responsible Care®

CIAC members aren’t alone in making Responsible Care® a central part of how they do business. As Responsible Care® partners, companies involved in the transportation of chemical products, such as Northwest Tank Lines, or the provision of key services to the industry are also encouraged to adopt the Responsible Care® Ethic and Principles for Sustainability. Responsible Care® partners act as responsible stewards of chemical products by providing reliable transportation, equipment, environmental, and emergency management services to Canada’s chemistry industry.

Transparent and Accountable

An important key to making Responsible Care® work is transparency. Every three years, a verification team visits each CIAC member company and partner to ensure the Responsible Care® ethic and management systems are in place. Each verification report is publicly available. A National Advisory Panel made up of community leaders, environmental groups, and academics would advise CIAC members on how to understand and exceed the public’s expectations through Responsible Care®. Northwest has successfully upheld this certification and has consistently met CIAC’s high standards pertaining to health, safety, environment, security, and community outreach all aimed at ensuring safety and efficiency related to the handling of regulated products.

The Ethic Principles of Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® member companies and partners dedicate themselves, their technology, and their business practices to sustainability—the betterment of society, the environment, and the economy. The Principles of Responsible Care® are key to our business success and compel us to:

Continually work for the improvement of people’s lives and the environment, while striving to do no harm;

Be accountable and responsive to the public, especially our local communities who have the right to understand the risks and benefits of what we do;

Take preventive action to protect health and the environment;

Innovate for safer products and processes that conserve resources, minimize waste, and provide enhanced value;

Engage with our business partners to ensure stewardship and security of our products, services, and raw materials throughout their life-cycles;

Understand and meet expectations for social responsibility;

Work with all stakeholders for public policy and standards that enhance sustainability, act to advance legal requirements, and meet or exceed their letter and spirit;

Promote awareness of Responsible Care® at all levels, demonstrate visible leadership, and inspire others to commit to these principles throughout the chemistry product value chain.

The three important codes for Responsible Care® that influence the everyday decisions of CIAC member-companies are Operations, Stewardship, and Accountability – decisions that are crucial to creating sustainable products and processes.

1. Operations Code: This code specifies how Responsible Care® companies and partners should work towards managing their facilities and equipment in a safe and responsible way. Companies and partners must continuously work towards improving their environmental performance of their facilities and processes.

2. Stewardship Code: Under this code, companies must regularly review their value, impact, and safety of the products, services, and technologies they use. They must also work with their business partners—suppliers, distributors, and customers—to ensure the stewardship and security of their products during their entire life cycle.

3. Accountability Code: Lastly, this code requires companies and partners to inform the risks and benefits of their operations to those living near the facilities, or in communities along transportation corridors, as well as to other stakeholders.

Northwest is a proud Responsible Care® partner and Responsible Care® is an integral part of operations at every level of our company, from office staff to drivers to safety and emergency response personnel. To learn more about Responsible Care, visit the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.

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