Why Become a Northwest Trucker

Why You Should Become a Northwest Trucker

If you like freedom, opportunity and a healthy bank account, trucking may be the job for you. But more than that, if you want to be part of one of the fastest-growing companies that value its drivers, you should consider becoming a Northwest Trucker.

Here’s why the life of a trucker isn’t for everyone but it’s a great life for many.

When you drive a truck, you enjoy unparalleled freedom and autonomy. For the better part of your workday, it’s just you and the open road. With nobody looking over your shoulder, you get to pass through some North America’s best scenery.

When you haul for Northwest, you ride in the cab of a state-of-the-art machine. Northwest trucks are of the highest quality. Plus, you can enjoy a comfortable ride that you can drive with pride.

Care For Your Family

If you value work-life balance, then trucking is for you. We pay our drivers well; we offer a first-rate benefits package that includes 100% dental and an excellent RRSP program, and respect our drivers’ need to enjoy their downtime.

Family is important to us at Northwest. We do our best to ensure our drivers have the means to support their families and have the time to spend with them. As a Northwest Trucker, you’ll have the means to provide your children with everything you need along with the opportunity to watch them grow.

Extend Your Family

If you’re a people-person, trucking might be for you. The trucking industry attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds – many with interesting stories to tell. When you’re on the road, you get the chance to meet people from all over. And being a Northwest Trucker, you’ll be working with some of the best around. Our team is friendly and supportive, and when you drive for us, you become part of the Northwest family.

Secure Your Future

The life of a trucker can’t be beat in relation to job security. In a world of cutbacks and automation, trucking remains a growth industry, particularly at Northwest. We don’t lay our drivers off- we hire them.

Truckers are critical to the fabric of society. Without the movement of goods, society wouldn’t function. At Northwest, you’ll get satisfaction from knowing you are part of something bigger. With great pay, benefits and an annual safety bonus, Northwest strives to ensure our truckers feel valued and appreciated. And, let’s be honest- truck driving is fun. When you’re behind the wheel of a truck, you’re manning the biggest beast on the road. Enjoy audio entertainment? Listen to whatever you like when you’re in control.

Driving a truck opens a world of opportunities and offers major job security. Think you might enjoy it? Look into training today. If you’re an experienced driver seeking a new opportunity, get in touch. Our doors are always open!

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