Our Foundation: The Northwest Family

Our Foundation: The Northwest Family

In celebration of our 65th Anniversary, we’ll be digging into Northwest’s values and the principles upon which we’ve built our foundation: Safety, Service Excellence and Family. To start us off, we’re looking at what family means to Northwest and what a ‘Family Business’ really looks like! A Family Business From The Start Northwest has always…

Northwest Education Fund Winners

Congrats to Our Northwest Education Fund Winners!

We are very pleased to announce the winners of our most recent Education Fund scholarship awards! These four students are exceptional members of the Northwest Tank Lines family, and it is our great pleasure to be able to help them live their dreams and continue their educational journeys. Read on to meet our Northwest Education…

Canadian Cancer Society Updates!

Canadian Cancer Society Updates!

Our commitment to safety extends beyond safe driving and equipment. It is also important to us that your families and communities are safe at home, which is why we are proud supporters and partners with the Canadian Cancer Society. Here is some news and updates from the Canadian Cancer Society. The Canadian Cancer Society tells…

Best Truck Stop Food in BC and Alberta

Looking for the best truck stop food on your route? Check out our round up of the yummiest stops to refuel your stomach and enjoy a treat! Eating well is a huge part of staying healthy on the road, and while we’ve included a couple treats on this list, the majority have a great selection...

The Northwest 65th Anniversary

With every new year, comes an updated view and analysis of the industry and 2020 is no different. Across the board, the big 3 factors that are influencing the world of bulk transportation are: Driver Hiring and Retention, Safety and Insurance and Technology. What may have just now, come into focus for the industry in…

Education Fund Winners

Northwest Education Fund: Winners Announcement

Are you or your family members are eligible? The next scholarship deadline is January 15th! Check out our most recent Education Fund Winners and see how one of our scholarships can help your family!

Why Become a Northwest Trucker

Why You Should Become a Northwest Trucker

If you like freedom, opportunity and a healthy bank account, trucking may be the job for you. But more than that, if you want to be part of one of the fastest-growing companies that value its drivers, you should consider becoming a Northwest Trucker. Here’s why the life of a trucker isn’t for everyone but...
Northwest Education Fund

Introducing the Northwest Education Fund

At Northwest, we are always looking for ways to support our team members and our communities. If there are new advances in safety technology, we adopt them. If a team member comes to us with a question, a concern or a request, we answer, address and act. The Northwest Way is about being proactive and…

Northwest Tank Lines’ New Website

If you know Northwest, you know what matters to us most. Safety, family and community. With our new website, we wanted to take those three pillars, and showcase them as the heart of our business. Ultimately, we wanted to create a site that embodies and elevates the Northwest Spirit.  

Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99) from Vancouver to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada


What’s better than the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? If you’re a company involved in the chemical industry, it could be Responsible Care-In-Place Verification, a way to help ensure safety and efficiency in handling what could be extremely dangerous substances.