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Our Foundation: Service Excellence

Northwest Tank Lines has always been driven to deliver Service Excellence – from the foundation of the company, laid in 1955, to our current organization today. This dedication to quality permeates the entire Northwest family, which is passionately customer-focused. It is one of the reasons Northwest has enjoyed the success and growth that it has, along with our unwavering commitment to safety and the incredible people that make up the Northwest family. As our CEO Tom Blaney puts it, “Quality, like safety, is just basic sound business practice.”

A Strategy Built on Service Excellence

Since the start, Northwest Tank Lines has focused on forging strong partnerships and redefining industry standards by setting examples of excellence. In 1998 Northwest’s strategic plan included an expansion to the East and South, with a focus on increasing our customer base and diversifying into new segments. The specialized equipment that Northwest has for moving all types of product is supported by rigorous safety standards and a progressive and innovative mindset to drive business forward.

Investing in Innovation

Northwest is constantly updating our technology and investing in new capabilities to remain the leader in bulk transportation services in Canada. These investments include “state-of-the-art business and tracking systems” says Tom Blaney. “Customers need to know where shipments are; we need to know where equipment is and how it is being driven” he adds. Additionally, only the best equipment is added to the Northwest fleet, including Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors, anti-rolling technology, and more.

Backed by Dedication

All of this equipment is backed by a dedicated support team and a highly experienced management team, which sets Northwest apart from the rest. This uncompromising level of quality service is an integral part of Northwest’s business and moral strategy. “We continuously find new and innovative ways of providing our customers with the most cost-effective solutions to their bulk transportation needs without compromising service, quality or safety,” says Blaney, and this has indeed garnered Northwest a solid reputation for service excellence.

Service Excellence: A Key Ingredient to Success

Northwest Tank Lines is truly a model for excellence in the industry, and Blaney isn’t shy about sharing the secret to Northwest’s success, saying “people strength, a shared vision and a market-based management philosophy has enhanced Northwest’s success story.” As Northwest rolls into the future, our guiding principles of safety, service excellence, and family continue to drive business and growth.

This blog is part three of our Foundations series, celebrating the values that have made Northwest a leader in the trucking industry for 65 years. You can read part one, Our Foundation: The Northwest Family here, and catch up on part two, Our Foundation: Safety here!

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