Why Become a Northwest Trucker

Why You Should Become a Northwest Trucker

If you like freedom, opportunity and a healthy bank account, trucking may be the job for you. But more than that, if you want to be part of one of the fastest-growing companies that value its drivers, you should consider becoming a Northwest Trucker. Here’s why the life of a trucker isn’t for everyone but...
Safe Summer Driving

Safe Summer Driving

When we think about dangerous driving, icy roads, fog and whiteouts come to mind. But summer driving is deceptively dangerous. There are more drivers on the roads, many of them teens with a lack of experience and questionable judgment. The data indicates that teens are more likely to be involved in accidents than any other...

Driving Towards a Cancer-Free Future

Our partners, the Canadian Cancer Society, tells us, “Nearly half of Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and 1 in 4 are expected to die.” At Northwest, we are committed to supporting a healthy community. This is why we work with the Canadian Cancer Society, and why we...
Emergency Kit

What to Include in your Truck Driver Emergency Kit

In case of an unexpected situation, delay or weather-related incident, it is essential for drivers to have an emergency kit on hand. These kits are also referred to as bug out bags or survival packs and can be literal life-savers. It’s especially important to make sure you have one of these kits during the cold…


2018: YEAR IN REVIEW Looking back on 2018, we have much to be proud of. Although we encountered some rocky patches along the road, we overcame these challenges by pulling together as a community and as a team. At the end of the day, we have much to celebrate: a new website, a new charitable...
Winter Truck Maintenance

Winter Truck Maintenance Tips

Seasonal weather creates many challenges for truck drivers. Compromised road conditions, fewer daylight hours and poor visibility are an unavoidable reality come winter time, so it is more important than ever to take strict safety measures and to exercise caution on the road. 

Between Friends and Northwest

Between Friends & Northwest

Since its inception in 1982, Between Friends has been sharing a sense of belonging with people of all abilities and ages across Alberta. The organization envisions a “community where people with disabilities reach their individual potential and are recognized as valued citizens.” With over 750 members and 59 disability groups represented, Between Friends is making…

Winter Driving

Safe Winter Driving Tips

When the temperature plunges, the roads get icy and visibility is poor, even the most experienced drivers can run into problems. When you’re driving a big rig, reduced traction can make things particularly challenging. It goes without saying that exercising extra caution and implementing preventative measures is especially important this time of year.  

Canadian Cancer Society and Northwest'

Northwest Partners with the Canadian Cancer Society

At Northwest, we are all about supporting the communities in which we live and work. One of the ways we do this is through partnerships with philanthropic organizations and initiatives. This year marked the beginning of one such partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society.  

Northwest Education Fund

Introducing the Northwest Education Fund

At Northwest, we are always looking for ways to support our team members and our communities. If there are new advances in safety technology, we adopt them. If a team member comes to us with a question, a concern or a request, we answer, address and act. The Northwest Way is about being proactive and…